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Video Surveillance Systems
Here at Cali Communications & Wiring, we specialize on intercom sales, installations and repairs. Our prevalent expertise in intercom installations allows us to have a multifaceted approach to meet the individualized need of each of our customers in this area of communication, whether it is for a business, home, or apartment. Additionally, we have expert knowledge on the installation and repair of regular doorbells and set-ups for door releases.

Cali Communications & Wiring provides complete systems, parts and service on the following products:
  • Aiphone
  • Auth
  • Jeron
  • M&S Sound
  •  Nutone
  • Sentex
  •  Siedle
  • Tektone
  • Viking... and many more.

These intercom systems can perform some or all of the following functions: 

  • Automatic light detectors
  • Apartment entry systems with LED display for name scroll 
  • Card entry 
  • Keypad entry 
  • Hands-free operations 
  • CD, cassette, and AM/FM music in various rooms 
  • Monitoring of children (e.g. babies) 
  • Emergency contact, "hotline", intercom systems
  • Communication between many rooms individually or simultaneously  
  •  Multiple door answering and optional door releases 
  •  Telephone door answering systems without the requirement of phone numbers 
  •  Multiple audio and video communication stations, with one or more doors, in black and white or color cameras and monitors.
  • Outdoor vandal and weather resistant systems 

At Cali Communications & Wiring, we strive to provide our customers with high-end services and parts to meet their personal demands at a frugal price. 

We provide a variety of services including:

Cali Communications & Wiring sells and installs professional video security cameras and designs customized surveillance systems. A quote can be available upon request, but we also offer consultations where system recommendations and installation plans are created for the personalized needs of each customer. We provide cameras, monitors, splitters, multiplexers, recorders, digital recording devices with remote viewing, and we would be more than happy to integrate your smartphone into the mix to keep you on the cutting edge! 
In the area of audio, Cali Communications & Wiring is an expert installer of a broad range of sound systems to provide restaurants, hotels, retail stores,warehouses,businesses and homes with sophisticated audio. Horn speakers and small speaker systems are capable of fully covering indoor or outdoor areas of the site. Universal amplifier and speaker systems are manufactured by Bogen, Wheelock and Valcom, but the installation is customizable for specific customer requisites.

In the area of data, Cali Communications & Wiring is licensed to install and troubleshoot all types of twisted pair (UTP) cable. Categories 3, 5, 5E and 6 are utilized for voice and data applications. All cables are terminated to appropriate patch panels, punchdown blocks, RJ-45 data jacks or RJ-11 voice jacks. Other cabling installed includes RG-6 coaxial cable for video applications and speaker cable for sophisticated audio sound and paging systems. Cali Communications & Wiring has the capability to properly manage and arrange cabling in a manner that will be orderly, sensible, and secure. Additionally, we provide expert cable removal. 

We guarantee: 

All cable installed will be tested for continuity, opens, shorts, swaps and reversals.
Cable to be certified to ensure compliance with current standards

In the area of voice, there is an advantage when you choose Cali Communications & Wiring because we are an authorized Comdial dealer.

Comdial features the DX-80, an exuberant telephone system with optional voicemail designed for small to mid sized businesses and select homes; which is our most popular request.The Comdial DX-80 digital telephone starter system has the capacity for 4 telephone numbers, 8 digital telephones and 4 analog devices (e.g. cordless phones or fax machines), and is expandable up to 16 lines and 56 phones. 

The DX-80 features:
paging systems
loud bell ringers
door answering/release systems
hands-free intercom communication
caller ID  
Plus, the optional "in skin" voice messaging system is capable of 100 routing or mailboxes and up to 150 hours of storage. A fascinating product at an affordable price.

* House residents should be glad to find out that we are unmatched at "home-run" cabling: all patch panels, modems, routers, cable TV splitters, satellite connections and, telephone connections of the household are organize and terminated in one location, which can be in a wire-closet or electrical-box.